Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Woman posts her cat

A 67-year-old woman of Rosdorf in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, accidentally sent her cat Felix in the mail, after the animal snuck inside the parcel she was sending to her nephew.

Edith Schonberg mailed the birthday parcel without realizing Felix was there. She said she believes the three-year-old cat must have entered the box while she was looking for some tape to seal the parcel. The error was realized only when a postman, at the central sorting office, heard the cat parcel and called police.

Schonberg said, "I had not even noticed Felix was missing until they called. I thought he was asleep."


yellowdog granny said...

yeah right..shipping him to her nephew was cheaper than vet bill to put him down..ha.

dom said...

Post a pussy .com ... hmmm