Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Save energy sing short songs

Australians have been told to stop singing in the shower in an attempt to save electricity and water.
Energy Australia, one of the country's leading power suppliers, has conducted research which showed the average shower length is seven minutes.

For Australians who like to begin each day by belting out their favourite song under a steady stream of hot water, this study will come as jolting news. Energy Australia says long showers soak up electricity like a sponge.

Other shower time activities are also being frowned upon - shaving, brushing one's teeth, playing with toys, even day-dreaming. The emphatic message from Energy Australia is: "Don't use the shower, use the sink."

The company is distributing 500,000 shower timers in the Sydney area to remind consumers to be more energy efficient and presumably in the hope that shower-time singers will choose shorter songs.


The Dead Kennedys - I Like Short Songs (22 seconds)
Wire - Three Girl Rhumba (1m 22 seconds)
Pixies - Crackity Jones (1m 22s)
The Whites Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl (1m 50s)
Eddi Cochrane - Summertime Blues (1m 59s)

Can you think of any more good but short ones ?


yellowdog granny said...

cant remember if it's the one minute waltz or 3 minute..but think it's the one minute waltz by barbara streisand..

dom said...

There's also the sound of silence , not S&G, but 30 seconds of pure silence by some eejit