Sunday, October 29, 2006


A British male on average gives up six months of his life span ogling women, starting with her breasts and working down to her legs, says a survey.

The arithmetic is based on a target rate of eight different girls per day with an eyeing time of two minutes per girl, reports Sky News, citing the survey by the eyeglasses firm of

The report said girls too ogle but are not as prolific as the blokes. Their total is just one month of their life span, based on eyeing two men a day for 90 seconds each.

The survey also said the male anatomy most girls stare are the eyes, with the butt taking the second place.

The survey said more than 50 percent of the men questioned saw nothing wrong in ogling but a third said they had been caught in the act.

Obviously this doesn't affect me , I only have eyes for Debbie :)


yellowdog granny said...

and im sure debbie only has eyes for you..huh debbie.....huh debbie...deeeebie.. hey..deb...over here..well, im sure that was an exception dom..

dom said...

My ex-brother in-law had a saying about ogling .... " you can always look at the menu even if you're on a diet !"
No wonder my sister divorced the twat !