Friday, October 27, 2006

Whisky PC

If a colleague has an open bottle of whisky sitting on his desk, you would be forgiven for thinking his mind was not on the job.

But what if the bottle was really his computer?

When Janos Marton polished off a 1.5-litre bottle of Ballantine's Scotch, he decided the container was far too nice to throw away - so he set to work and turned it into a PC.

The 33-year-old Nokia engineer spent £275 building his Internet-ready machine, which has 256mb of RAM, a 40gb hard drive and an Intel P3 processor.

Mr Marton began modifying computers six years ago as a hobby and started looking for something more interesting to use than a standard tower.

'I got fed up with the box-shaped white computer cases,' he said . 'Perhaps I should make a cluster of these. It would combine the fun of emptying the whisky bottles with some good company and building a high-calculation power cluster.'

Mr Marton, from Budapest, Hungary, drilled holes in the back and side of the bottle for the equipment and installed a fan to keep cool air flowing.

The father of two is not the first to build a computer from a household item. Others have been housed in pumpkins, guitars, toilets and even a barbecue.

A Ballantine's spokesman said: 'We are proud to have inspired such an innovative project.

'It is a credit to the iconic design of the Ballantine's bottle.'

See more pictures of his PC here

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