Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jam sandwich diet

We all have a fave food, but 15-year-old Craig Flatman has eaten nothing but jam sandwiches for 11 years! Amazingly, it doesn't seem the sarnie-loving lad has been affected by his rather limited diet - he's 6ft tall and weighs a healthy 154lbs.

Dieticians say that although Craig is ok, they don't recommend anyone else tries just eating jam sandwiches

Craig said: "I never get bored with jam because I love the taste. I feel sick if I put anything else into my mouth."

Craig first showed his odd eating habits when he was a baby, and solid food made him sick. The only thing he could eat was sugar sandwiches. He moved onto chocolate spread butties, then made the jump to jam aged four.

His parents even sent him on a six month hospital course to cure his jam addiction, but other foods made him ill. He washes the sarnies down with two pints of milk a day.


blogball said...

Hey Dom, just noticed you are living in the States now.


dom said...

Cheers Blogball, it's nice to be here :)