Sunday, December 02, 2007

Truffle record

A huge truffle that was found by a dog in woods in Italy has reached a record price at an auction that took place in three countries at the same time!

The edible delicacy weighs in at 1.5kg, nearly as much as a bag of sugar, and fetched £165,000.

Luciano Savini and his son found the highly-prized fungus after it was dug up by his truffle-seeking dog, Rocco. It was bought by a billionaire businessman Stanley Ho - and all the money was given to charity!

Mr Savini said he was overwhelmed by the high price paid for his discovery.

He said: "The biggest truffle of the century and the most expensive truffle of the century. There are no more words to say - it is all very beautiful."

The previous auction record was set only in November when a white truffle fetched £103,000 in Hong Kong.

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