Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blind photographer to hold exhibition

A wildlife photographer is to hold an exhibition of her pictures - despite being blind. Alison Bartlett's hearing is so acute that she can pick up birds' wings flapping or a squirrel nibbling a nut, reports The Sun.

Alison, 51, of New Milton, Hampshire, began to lose her sight in 1979 due to diabetes, and it went completely in 1992.

She said: "I was determined to carry on with things I'd always done. I started in my back garden because I knew where everything was, and all the distances and angles, and I learned to listen for the animals. It hurts that I can't see the pictures but if it encourages other blind people to continue hobbies, it's worth it."

Friend Jenny Gilleland helps her out by showing her where to point the camera.

Alison, 51, said: "Jenny tells me where animals are and says things like, 'Birds at two o'clock'. She'll give me rough distances and I aim, focus the lens and take photos. Of course others have to tell me whether they are any good."

Alison uses a digital Nikon D-40 camera and her exhibition will be held at the local library next month.

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