Monday, January 28, 2008

Un-happily ever after

After 36 years of arguing, Hugh and Vera Smith finally ran out of things to row about. So for the last four years the OAP couple haven't had a cross word ...or any words. Because they haven't spoken to each other at all.

Hugh and Vera still share a home, but live completely separate lives. Hugh, 76, has the downstairs lounge with the dining room as his bedroom. Vera, 72, has two upstairs bedrooms - one as her lounge.

And to make sure they never meet they have drawn up rotas for the kitchen and bathroom.

Hugh, of Portsmouth, Hants, said: "It's a very awkward situation but our marriage has ended. "There's no point in a divorce as we haven't got any money. I've had my last ever argument with her after 40 years of marriage."

Vera, 72, said: "I haven't spoken to him since January 2004, Hopefully, I never will again. He is impossible to get on with."

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