Thursday, January 31, 2008

Charity shop sells bike

SALEM, Ore. - Cody Young parked his bike in the wrong place at the Goodwill store, where the rule is anything on the floor goes.

He didn't have a lock but friends said they had parked inside the store before. On Sunday, though, the black BMX bike was sold. But the 13-year-old is going to get his bike back, Goodwill officials said, after the buyer saw a newspaper story about the mix-up and called to make things right.

The buyer got the bike for just $6.99 but will get a $100 gift certificate from Goodwill for coming forth.

It's not the first such mix-up in Goodwill's busy stores, Goodwill spokesman Dale Emanuel said. A janitor once left a bucket and mop on a store's sales floor and they were sold the next day.

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