Friday, January 25, 2008

Theft proof car stolen

It was supposed to be a theft-proof car, the pride of Berlin police force, until a thief simply drove it off.

The high-tech BMW worth $147,000 police car which is equipped with high-tech surveillance equipment and sophisticated electronic locks and immobilizers to make it theft proof, was stolen in the city's Wedding district after officers left it unlocked with the key in the ignition.

However, the Berlin police are trying to justify the fiasco saying it was stolen after the two officers had to jump out of the car to give chase to a joy-rider on foot who had abandoned a car he had stolen earlier.

Ironically, while the officers failed to apprehend the felon, they also lost the expensive BMW.

With the police at a loss on who might have stolen the expensive car, the two police officers are now facing disciplinary action.


yellowdog granny said...

huh huh huh....hee hee

dom said...

I was gonna put a corny title ... No Keys-tone cops

yellowdog granny said...

why do i get the feeling they will be applying for the fire department.?

dom said...

Or local government?