Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kidnapped cow car crash

A cow kidnapped and bundled into the back of a family saloon car died after a chase in Malaysia. Thieves squeezed the cow into the back seat of a car and drove off with it, but abandoned the animal when the getaway vehicle crashed into a tree, police said.

The cow, injured in the crash, was slaughtered by villagers.

The thieves managed to push the cow into the back of a mid-sized sedan Tuesday night, but were spotted by villagers who gave chase, said a local police official in the northern state of Kedah.

He declined to be named, citing protocol. The driver lost control during the chase and drove into a tree, injuring the cow, he said. By the time villagers got to the crash site, one person was seen running from the car, but police believe more people were involved in the theft, the official said.

It was not clear how they managed to push the cow into the car or whether the animal had been sedated.


yellowdog granny said...

cownapping?....cownapping?.jeez what will they think of next..

dom said...

The would have got 2 cows had they had a sedan.