Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$275 lottery win

An iron worker has won a $275m (£140m) jackpot in the US state of Georgia - the largest single-player prize in the state lottery's history. Robert Harris, 47, used the dates of his grand children's birthdays in two $1 tickets his wife bought in Portal, the small town where they live.

Having quit his job after his win, Mr Harris said he planned to "live happy". He and his wife Tonya, 55, have opted to take $167m now rather than $275m over 26 years.

Tonya Harris said she almost did not enter the lottery because it was raining heavily on the day.

"I was headed home and it was raining like crazy, and I said, 'Nah, I'm not going back up there'. And then something just changed my mind. I said, 'I'll go play'. It is not going to change me at all. Him maybe, but not me - I'm too country"

Neither of them played the lottery very often, and neither watched the draw on Friday night as they did not believe they would win.

It was their daughter who alerted them to the win.

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