Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Boy freed from washing machine

Superbowl Sunday turned into a super scare for a Dover, Ohio family. Their 4-year-old son became trapped inside their washing machine. At first Jennifer Hasseman says she thought little Donivan was just playing, "My oldest son came up to me and said 'Mom Donivan's head is stuck in the washer'."

Jennifer and her husband tried to free Donivan using a crow bar, but she says, "his one leg was bent and his back was compressed against the agitator." They called 911 and the Dover Fire Department and Rescue responded.

Cpt. Brooks Ross says at first they were nervous about the situation, "It was such a confined space we had to make sure the tools we were using didn't end up causing him injury and making it worse."

Rescuers carefully used the jaws of life to slowly dismantle the machine and free Donivan. He was checked out at a local medical center and sent home healthy and happy.

On Monday firefighters took Donivan for a ride in a fire truck and gave him a teddy bear.

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