Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Holiday accident

A British man has been killed in a bizarre accident in an Italian ski resort, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth office. David Monk, 46, died when he crashed into a barrier on the side of a piste while sliding down a slope on a mattress, said a spokesman.

Another man, who has not been named, was hospitalised for treatment after being injured in the same incident, but it is believed that his injuries are not life-threatening.

The FCO spokesman said that the dead man’s next of kin had been informed, but refused to confirm where he comes from. Mr Monk was staying at a ski resort near Susa, not far from Turin in the Alpine north of the country, when the accident occurred.

He was on holiday with a group of friends at the time. According to reports in the Italian media Mr Monk and three friends were sliding down a ski piste on "rubber mattresses" and lost control.

He died after suffering fractures to his head and chest when his mattress collided with a boundary fence on the slope.

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