Friday, February 22, 2008

Jail if you slam a door

A Welsh woman was given a five-year Anti-Social Behaviour Order which could land her in prison if she drops litter or slams doors.

Sarah Gibbons, 27 of Old Barn Estate, Newport has been making her neighbours' lives a misery for more than two years, Cwmbran magistrates were told yesterday. Newport City Council made the application for repeated anti-social behaviour dating back to December 2005.

The court heard Gibbons acted in a drunken manner, damaged property, shouted and screamed and made a disturbance at all hours of the day and night.

Magistrates imposed the order with 12 conditions, that Gibbons must not act in a manner that will cause harassment or distress to anyone in England or Wales; use threatening or foul language, scream or shout; enter any premises owned by Kaleidoscope; drink alcohol in a public place except for licensed premises or be drunk in a public place.

She must not cause noises that would disturb residents; kick or knock doors, including her own, to cause a nuisance; slam doors repeatedly; intentionally dispose of litter in public space other than in the correct manner; encourage others to carry out any of the behaviour included in the order; damage other people's property or be in possession of a controlled substance.

The council had asked for the order to last 10 years.

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