Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Juror gets an eyefull

A murder trial was halted yesterday when a woman juror was unwittingly flashed at by a man in a tartan mini skirt. Gender-bender Brian Alliban, 37, was in the public gallery at the Old Bailey when, as he later admitted: “I forgot to cross my legs.”

It is claimed he was not wearing underpants — and the shocked juror saw the evidence.
She wrote a note to the judge, who halted the case while cops escorted Brian out.

Brian, who calls himself Naomi and plans to have a sex-change op, said: “I’m halfway to being a woman but I sometimes have trouble with underwear. I was wearing a skirt and was not sitting like a woman so, as the public gallery is higher up, people below had a view right up my legs.”

Brian was also wearing lipstick, eye liner and a hairgrip. He said he often attended court because he felt safe.

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