Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drunkenstein threats

You may remember back at the end of October there was a guy in Tempe named Kurt Havelock who wanted to open up a Halloween-themed bar. Havelock applied for a liquor license with the Tempe City Council, but his application was recommended for denial when it was found out that a blog by Havelock stated that the restaurant would be named "Drunkenstein's" and not "The Haunted Castle" which was stated in the application.

Havelock turned himself into police on Super Bowl Sunday after plotting to kill people at the big game using a rifle because of the liquor license dispute, according to federal court documents.

Kurt Havelock, who had recently purchased an AR-15 assault rifle from the Scottsdale Gun Club, mailed eight copies of a manifesto to media outlets in which he explained why he was planning to kill people at the Super Bowl, according to court documents.

In the eight-page manifesto he said that the original site of the planned massacre was Scottsdale's Desert Ridge Marketplace, but that "scum and "villainy" are in Scottsdale and that instead he "will shed the blood of the innocent."

Havelock, who is in his mid-30s, is being detained by federal authorities and is suspected of mailing threatening communications. U.S. Magistrate Edward Voss ordered Havelock be held "pending further proceedings."

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