Friday, February 15, 2008


Sleeveface, the latest craze to sweep the internet. Taking part could not be easier - all you need is an old record sleeve, a camera and a spark of creative genius.

What started as a joke among DJ friends in Cardiff has now become an online phenomenon, with music fans across the world posting pictures of themselves, their faces obscured by their favourite album art.

Some try to recreate the mood of the original photo as accurately as possible, others choose to embellish the sleeve with a quirky or unexpected background.

Thousands of Sleeveface pictures have been posted on special Facebook and Flickr websites, and John Rostron, the music promoter who helped launch the craze, says a book is in the pipeline.

There have been pictures posted from Sleevefacers in the USA, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Iceland and Israel, as well as the UK.

And that's not to mention the media coverage that has included features in the Observer and Guardian newspapers. The Guardian even made Sleeveface its Facebook group of the year.

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