Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flapjack record

FARGO, N.D. -- This feast was for the record books, and it only took 34,818 pancakes to get there. Thousands of people, including an official with Guinness World Records, escaped the bone-chilling winter weather on Saturday for the 50th anniversary of The Kiwanis Club's Pancake Karnival fundraiser.

Grillers flipped flapjacks and served them with sausages and orange juice for most of the day until they more than surpassed the 30,724 pancakes served in 2002 by the Lubbock, Texas, Lions Club.

"We're officially the largest pancake feed in the world," Matt Sullivan, president of The Kiwanis Club, said Sunday.

The group had brought in Kris Teufel, a records manager from London, to certify the feed, Sullivan said. The cost of the feast was being tallied, but organizers felt it was worth it for the event's silver anniversary, he said.


yellowdog granny said...

you know them rednecks in lubbock will be lining up to get the record back...pancakes anyone?

dom said...

Surely it'd be easy to beat if you got one of them "Nouvelle Cuisine" Chefs, you know the ones that put fuck all on your plate and charge you a fortune?! .... Or do the pancakes have to be a certain size?