Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Police hacked

London - Hackers have broken into the Metropolitan Police recruitment website, posting a picture of a cuddly toy on its front page and adding taunting comments beneath it.

The green stripy teddy bear appeared above a badly-spelled message posted by "Officer Brobee" that made reference to the force's SO15 counter-terrorism unit.

"OH HAI GUYS do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz?" it said. "I see that teh so15 anti-terrorism anti-lulz police are hiring more incompetent nervy edgy socipaths to make London's streets just that little bit safer!"

A spokesman for the Met said they were aware of the hack.

"We are aware of an unauthorised image and text having been placed on the Met Careers internet site," a statement issued by the force said. The Met Careers site is managed by an external company who are responsible for its upkeep. We will discuss this with the service provider at the earliest possible time."

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