Thursday, February 21, 2008

Welsh metal detecting

A home-made metal detector, which works by remote control, has netted a father and daughter a haul of coins worth £2,000.

Decima Watkins' father David from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, made it from scrap metal and recycled materials. They say it can cover the ground automatically, and save on the more back-breaking work, combing for coins.

Art student Decima, 20, said after initial trial and error the detector, which cost £100 to make, has paid off. They spent more than a year building the "Decima Detector" in Mr Watkins' garage and found a haul of old coins while trying out their machine.

They have collected more than £2,000 in cash on Porthkerry beach near their home, as well as finding 5,000 assorted silver and hammered coins, some they say date from the 14th Century.

Decima now hopes a company might be interested in developing the machine.

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