Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Be Nice: It's Now The Law

Calgary, Alberta, has new regulations that ban public fighting, spitting, defecation and urination. Loitering or putting your feet up on public benches are no-nos, too.

Officials said they're tired of the disgusting and disrespectful behavior. Violators can be fined, under an ordinance passed Monday.

But critics charge the anti-rudeness regulations are aimed at the homeless in city parks.

The city council narrowly passed the legislation.

Laurie Fuhr of the Calgary Housing Action Initiative said she and her group tried to quash the bylaw and they plan to continue fighting it, reported The Calgary Sun.

"There's parts of the bylaw ... that are really discriminatory to a certain group," she told the paper. "It effectively makes it illegal to panhandle or even to huddle or sleep outside."


Anonymous said...

If there wasn't prior there needs to be a law in every land about defacation and urination.

Unless you are in the UK and and a pisser just pops up out of the ground.

dom said...

That's in Birmingham, they're used to the smell :)