Monday, November 20, 2006

Thief swallows evidence

A thief who decided to swallow his loot when apprehended by police was given away by a mysterious tummy ache.

The 30-year-old was spotted by off-duty police officers in the western German town of Bergish Gladbach apparently stealing something out of a store window.

But when the officers apprehended him, they found he was only carrying an empty box, according to a police spokesperson. Still, suspicions were raised when upon questioning, the man almost doubled over from pain.

"He said he'd grabbed the box and found it empty, but the shopkeeper said there was a ring missing," the spokesperson told Reuters. "Then during questioning he complained of severe stomach pains and was rushed to the hospital with suspected appendicitis."

Doctors x-rayed the patient in pain and discovered the ring in his stomach. It had to be fished out with a stomach tube that had small pincers on one end.

However, it appears that the ring had nothing directly to do with the severe abdominal distress, according to police. The reason for the sudden, and costly, tummy ache is not known.

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