Sunday, November 19, 2006


Rapist cornered by schoolboys

Evil Martin Walsh, 19, was chased for 3 miles by the youngsters after pouncing on a woman in woods.

The two 15-year-olds were among a group of children who set off in pursuit after they heard screams — and saw the rapist’s victim stagger into the open.

Pals lent the sobbing woman clothes as the others hunted for the maniac. They spotted Walsh fleeing, but only Johnathan Stoker and Adam Barker were able to keep up with him for mile after mile.

The dramatic moment when the beast finally realised there was no escape was captured on film by a police helicopter.

Read the rest here ( with video of capture)


yellowdog granny said...

i hope they got a couple punches in before the cops got there..good for them...

dom said...

I hope so too, but from the video, it just looks like the perv was sitting down