Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Off the rails

A Portuguese pensioner caused mild commuter chaos in the city of Oporto this week when he unwittingly drove his car into the underground train network, Portuguese newspapers reported Tuesday.
Trains were suspended after security cameras clocked the disoriented driver sailing past a station through the railway tunnels meant for underground trains.

"I didn't even know there was an underground in Oporto," daily 24 horas quoted the pensioner, who was in Portugal's second city to visit friends when he took the wrong turn.

The unnamed driver entered the underground by an access road marked with no entry signs and reached the rails along a tunnel used for emergencies, papers said.

"It must have been because he was distracted or due to negligence as the underground is clearly marked," 24 horas quoted an underground official as saying.

The driver stopped his car after he had gone about a kilometer along the tunnels. Emergency services later removed the car.

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