Thursday, November 30, 2006

Police have nothing to go on

Police in Connecticut are investigating the disappearance of a portable toilet from a canal towpath used by walkers and bicyclers.

Kevin Carney, owner of Ameri-Can in Suffield, who leased the porta-john to Friends of the Canal, discovered that it was missing when he went to pick it up at the Montgomery Mill site in Windsor Locks, the Hartford Courant reported.

Police have no clues where the toilet went. First Selectman Steve Wawruck said there are no drag marks.

To compound the mystery, the mill site was enclosed by a fence with a locked gate after a fire there in July. So whoever took the 220-pound toilet needed a key or somehow got through or over a barbed wire fence without a trace.

"It looks like it was a dirty deal to me," said Steve Sorrow, who is in charge of maintenance for the canal and towpath. "Imagine picking up one of those things, especially if it is full."

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