Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stolen Xmas decor

Milwauke - A Sheboygan family woke up to a yard full of Christmas decorations. The problem is they were stolen from other homes.

It wasn't the usual crime-scene evidence at the Sheboygan Police Department - A wise man tied up with police tape, nine reindeer and two penguins. The Richardson family picked up their missing decorations Friday afternoon.

"We knew there was a gap in our nativity scene this morning," said Dave Richardson. "We have a full set - 12 items and for some reason, three were taken."

The Bogenschuetz family was surprised to find their yard decorated Friday morning. "I looked outside and go 'What is this? Did we win the lottery, did someone decorate our house?'" said Dan Bogenschuetz.

The thief or thieves put time into the display. The stolen decorations were all arranged and plugged in.

"And then that switch for that outlet was not turned on so they must have been quite disappointed when there were all done and plugged it in and found out it didn't work," said Bogenschuetz.

Sheboygan police sent a truck to pick up the stolen goods.

"If someone would call us with a tip, we'd follow up on it. But for the most part, we're trying to just get people their things back," said Detective Matt Walsh of the Sheboygan Police Department

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