Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Urban myth leads to car stereo thefts

A haul of stolen car stereos has been recovered by police investigating 205 car break-ins in Cardiff over the weekend. Officers found 37 car stereos, 21 stereo security panels and a laptop in a car in the city on Tuesday.

It follows a spate of car stereos thefts thought to be instigated after an urban myth that a chip inside could be used to decode digital TV boxes. Police said the number of break-ins was four times the usual number. Reports showed 95% of them were Ford models. The car firm believe this is in light of an urban myth that they can be used to decode digital TV boxes.

Police confirmed the rumour but officers have spoken to Ford and the digibox manufacturers who said there was no link. Ford told BBC News that components cannot be used in this way. A spokesman said it was "pure myth" sparked by an off-the-cuff comment from someone within the motor industry.

Meanwhile, car window replacement firm Autoglass said staff from other areas had to be brought to Cardiff branches after the thefts. Katherine Brant, a spokeswoman for the firm said: "We saw 120 motorists who had broken body glass over the weekend. We had to draft extra staff in from the south west area in order to cope with demand. This only normally happens when we have bad weather or if there was a vandalism attack in one street for example. But it's never been to this extent, it's pretty unique."

# A man has been arrested and released on police bail.

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