Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Get your own back

Get cut off by some idiot on the freeway?

Now you can avoid doing something stupid on the road in retaliation and still get a little bit even.

Two Washington, D.C.-area men have created a Web site that allows people to post the license plate numbers of bad drivers.

Mark Buckman, a northern Virginia computer consultant, told The Washington Post he's outraged by careless, rude or inattentive drivers. He's co-founder of platewire.com. Buckman said they have hundreds of messages from drivers venting over the idiots they encounter on the roads.

The messages have headings like "Maniac" and "Jerk on the Phone."

The site says it is not just for complaining. On the site's introduction it says, "Report and flag bad drivers, award good drivers, and even flirt with cute drivers."

Here's an example from the site of one driver's warning:


Wire type: Hazard
Make: FORD
Model: Crown Victoria
Color: white (old cop car)
Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Description: At a 3 way stop and blinded by the sun, I accitdently turned left on "his turn". He had an old cop car spot light and shined it into my car. It was so bad I could not see the road ahead and had to pull over. This jerk then pulled up behind me (putting his car in the ditch...hehehehehe)and proceeded to yell and holler. Needless to say I left the area and called the police. They pulled him over an lectured him to calm down. Personally I would have gladly paid a ticket for failure to yield if they had hauled this turkey off to jail for something...anything!

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