Sunday, November 19, 2006

Parents sue school over phone

Parents in Oklahoma have filed charges against school officials who took their child's cell phone.

When the phone rang during class, a teacher at Lone Grove High School in Lone Grove, Oklahoma, confiscated the phone and took it to the principal's office.

Now, the parents say the teen needs the phone, in case of an emergency, and has filed charges with police, claiming the school committed larceny on their child.

According to KTEN, Yvonne Walker says when school officials said that they couldn't break policy or make special considerations for anyone, the parents called police. The officer sent to the scene filed a report, which is now at the district attorney's office for consideration of larceny charges.

Walker says, "I understand that they need to discipline the kids and he was wrong, and he understands that he was wrong and he should be disciplined at home, and we will do that."


yellowdog granny said...

give me a fucking break...what about all the kids my generation and others..we didnt have cell phones and when we had an emergency ..we called from the principles office..dufus's

dom said...

We had tin cans attached with string :)