Friday, February 01, 2008

Man changes name to Sprout

A man called Russell has changed his surname by deed poll to Sprout. Russell Sprout, 26, of Southampton, cannot stand Brussels sprouts and hasn't eaten one for years.

"Sprout was always my nickname and my friends dared me to change my surname to Sprout," he told the Daily Echo. In the end, I thought why not? I dropped my middle name, which was James, so I am just Russell Sprout. But I have got rid of the chance of having a rubbish nickname now because everyone just calls me Sprout and I like that."

It's not the first time, he's changed his name. In 2003, he changed his surname from De'Ath to Bridges - a random choice from the phone book.

But he soon realised Russell Bridges did not have the desired ring to it and decided to take on the nickname his mates had given him for years.

Russell, a council tax officer, said: "Some people actually take it seriously and don't really bat an eyelid, they just don't get it. But most people will say, say that again', or they will laugh. I get all sorts of responses."

He added: "I can't stand the things. They are the most horrible vegetable there is, apart from parsnips. I haven't eaten one for years. Anyway, it would be like eating one of your own kind."

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