Friday, May 26, 2006

Bad Fatherhood pt I

When a 6-year-old student reached in his Scooby Doo backpack and pulled out 25 baggies of marijuana, his father's new enterprise was exposed, according to charges filed in Ramsey County District Court.

Corey E. Randle, 29 of St. Paul, told police that he had been selling the drugs for about two weeks to pay for cigarettes, the complaint said. He would buy it an ounce at a time, then divide it into smaller amounts to deliver to customers twice a day, Randle said.

He stashed the pot in the boy's backpack, but ran to the school when he noticed the bag was gone, he said.

Early in the school day Wednesday, the boy reached into his bag to get a folder and came out with a sandwich bag containing 25 smaller bags of marijuana. The boy gave the drugs, totaling just over 35 grams, to a teacher, the complaint said.

Randle, who in 1997 was sentenced to assault and cocaine possession, is now charged with fifth-degree sale of a controlled substance.


yellowdog granny said...

should have taught his kid to play hookey....haha

dom said...

Hookey ,surely you meant hookah ?