Saturday, May 27, 2006

"One doesn't bloody like Olympic ceremonies"

The Duke of Edinburgh has described Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies as "bloody nuisances" and called for them to be banned.

"I am truly fed up with opening and closing ceremonies," the Duke said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph.

"They ought to be banned. They are a pain in the neck," he added.

The Duke also said that he hoped to do "as little as possible" during the 2012 Olympics in London by which time he will be 91 years old.

The Duke described a ceremony at the 1972 Games in Munich as "absolutely, appallingly awful".

"At the Olympics in the old days, when they were more or less amateur, the last event of the whole Games was the showjumping in the main stadium because the horses used to cut up the ground.

"Well, blow me down I was suddenly told, at Munich I think it was, that we couldn't have the main arena for show jumping because it had to be prepared for the closing ceremony.

"So I said 'What is the Olympics about? The competition or the closing ceremony?'"


yellowdog granny said...

ahhh yes, my favorite royal...he may not be the king to the queen or to england..but he is my king..the king of assholes...and i love assholes...this is a man..who truly does not give a fuck...i love people that don't give a fuck...hes, rude, boorish, snide, sarcastic and doesn't care if you are offended by him or not..."let em eat cake".....haah you may not rule in england duke..but ya rule with me.

dom said...

ROFL ! I love him too , specially when he called the Chinese ambassador a slitty eye

yellowdog granny said...

he was talking to the chinese embassador?????????
damn i thought he was talking sweet things to me..