Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nosey Neighbour's Naked Numpty

A nurse was told yesterday she can carry on sunbathing naked — despite a neighbour filming her and complaining to cops.

Blonde Lynett Burgess, 55, peeled off and strolled around her cottage garden on a summer’s day.

But dad-of-three Morien Jones next door was so shocked he took a video of her to the police.

Lynett, a district nurse and occupational therapist, was charged with indecent exposure.

The film was shown to a court to decide if she had offended anyone by baring all.

Mr Jones, 34, who lives beside Lynett in Llandyfriog, West Wales, told magistrates: “I was renovating the back of my home with a builder when Miss Burgess appeared in her garden. She walked back and forth naked.

“I have been extremely shaken by this. It has been very upsetting — I don’t want to bring up my children in such an environment.”

There was an angry exchange when prosecutor Maggie Hughes said sunbathing nude in a garden was not “normal behaviour”.

Miss Hughes said: “A woman exposing her lower region could be grossly offensive to normal decent persons. What kind of kick do you get from this behaviour?”

Lynett, who has a 20-year-old daughter, hit back: “How dare you! I take exception to the word ‘kick’ and find you prudish.”

She was found not guilty after Trevor Emberton, chairman of the magistrates at Cardigan, told her: “We do not accept you intended to cause harm or distress.”

Afterwards Lynett said: “I intend moving away. This has caused me acute anxiety.”

Mr Jones claimed: “This naked stroll is just the tip of the iceberg. She’s an anti-social neighbour.”


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