Friday, May 19, 2006

Sorry Sir your motor bike is NOT hand luggage

FIREWORKS, a culinary blowtorch and a collapsible motorbike with its tank filled with petrol are among items passengers have tried to take on planes, it was revealed today.

In one incident, a passenger got on board a blood pressure monitor containing mercury which broke and caused significant damage to the structure of the aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) listed the items as it issued a reminder to air passengers not take dangerous objects on to planes.

Dangerous goods include items such as petrol, poison, gases and explosives. Unlike security items such as scissors or knives, which may be carried in the hold, dangerous goods must not be carried at all.

Captain Graham Gray, head of the CAA's aeroplane flight operations inspectorate, said: "The majority of passengers are very careful when packing their luggage and know which items can and cannot be taken on board.

"However, many passengers still don't realise that some items, which are relatively innocuous in everyday use, are capable of posing a serious risk to the occupants of an aircraft."


yellowdog granny said...

supposed that means i cant bring my chain saw and weed wacker..

dom said...

In the US you probably could ... one of my first visits to NC I saw a sign saying "Hunters ,please ensure your guns are not loaded when checking in"

yellowdog granny said...

ohhh fuck..the south is truly frightning..