Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little Debbie leads to thieves

A trio of hungry burglars helped their own undoing by leaving a trail of snack wrappers after stealing six packages of instant lottery tickets from a convenience store.

"This was a combination of good police work and a stupid criminal," said Sgt. Tom Connellan, a police spokesman.

The burglars smashed a window early Wednesday at a convenience store and fled with the lottery tickets and some Little Debbie Coffee Cake snacks. Officer James Johnson followed a trail of discarded wrappers to a nearby apartment building, where he arrested the trio.

Charged with burglary, grand larceny and criminal mischief were Curtis Hudgins, 17, Adrian Huddleston, 20, and a 15-year-old boy whose name was withheld because of his age.


yellowdog granny said...

didnt we have a similar incident about thieves being caught by following their trail?....the guys with the wheelbarrow? stole some dope or something..jeeeeeez, these guys keep getting dumber and dumber..

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they caught those idiots. Little Debbie's is valuable stuff. :)

dom said...

Must be in the genes , or chocolate .

Deebie is very precious, my precious ... does my Gollum impression