Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ticket for adjusting leg

A man who parked on a single yellow line so he could adjust his false leg got a ticket from a traffic warden.

Peter Stapleton, 50, who lost the limb in a motorbike accident, had to pull over when his artifical leg worked loose.

He told the warden he was going to adjust it in a friend’s flat nearby in Covent Garden, London.

But when Peter returned a £50 ticket was stuck on the windscreen of his car, which has a blue disabled badge.

After months of refusing to pay, his bill has mounted up to £465.
Peter, of Dunstable, Beds, said: “The warden said it was OK to stop — what happened was disgusting behaviour.

"I have been given six days to pay up or the bailiffs will be coming round.”

A Camden borough spokesman said: “If Mr Stapleton contacts us we will discuss the matter.”


yellowdog granny said...

there is just so much wrong with that..poor guy..fight it..fight it

dom said...

I agree , I bet he was hopping mad after getting the ticket