Thursday, May 25, 2006

England World cup songs

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins is to release his own World Cup anthem - and it's bound to prove controversial.

Going up against Embrace's official Germany 2006 England song 'World At Your Feet', Hawkins has previewed his own song, 'England', under his solo name British Whale.

The star told The Sun newspaper that he thinks England's bid for glory is being undermined by political correctness, with people being too scared to mention the Second World War triumph of 1945.

In response, 'England' mentions the event in the lyrics.

Hawkins said: "The whole point of an England World Cup song is to assert our national identity and talk about the achievements of a great nation.

"Why can't we commemorate all those men who gave their lives in the name of freedom in the war? And, of course, in this case - to bash The Hun? It's a national sport."

The lyrics include lines like: "Football will be our only weapon / skill and power will be our only shield / we've fought them on the beaches / now we'll play them on the field."

You can hear the song at British Whale's Myspace page here.

Hawkins used the name of British Whale last year for his debut solo single


yellowdog granny said...

i think i love him...
byw re comment about butchers beating their means the same thing here as in britian...whacking the old pud?
i was being mean to them..hah

dom said...

Hawkins is a dufus but he does have a point ... btw what's the US Footy song called ?

yellowdog granny said...

we will we will we will ..........sock you....