Friday, May 26, 2006

Swan falls in love with boat

A swan has fallen in love with a plastic swan-shaped paddle boat on a pond in the German town of Muenster, a sailing instructor says.

Peter Overschmidt, who operates a sailing school and rents the two-seat paddle boat on the Aasee pond, says the swan has spent the past three weeks flirting with the vessel five times its size.

He says the black swan with a bright red beak has not left the white swan boat's side since it flew in one day in early May.

"It seems like he's fallen in love," Mr Overschmidt said.

"He protects it, sits next to it all the time and chases away any sail boats that get anywhere nearby.

"He thinks the boat is a strong and attractive swan."

Mr Overschmidt says the swan will figure it out sooner or later, and he hopes he will not be too heartbroken.

"I'll wish him all the best and hope that he doesn't make the same mistake again," Mr Overschmidt said.


yellowdog granny said...

ohhhhhh, that's soo is he gonna be pissed when he does figure it out...

yellowdog granny said...

your asshole leader and my asshole leader are stinking up the tv with their little tete a tete's...fuckers..

dom said...

Coulda been worse he coulda fallen in love with one of Debbie's pink flamingos.