Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Big Budda gets nicked

Karma probably was not on the mind of thieves who stole a 270-kilogram(600lbs) gold concrete Buddha from a local restaurant.

The owners of Sakura Restaurant and Steak House of Japan said they don't know how the thieves made off with the weighty sculpture devoted to the founder of Buddhism.

"It's definitely like a three-man work," owner Ado Tarallo said. "It's very heavy. It's not that easy to move."

The familiar bald statue had sat in the restaurant's rock garden on top of a large water fountain for 16 years. The one-metre statue cost £800, Tarallo said.

One of the central moral precepts of Buddhism is "do not take what is not yours to take." Buddhists also believe in karma, which says a person's actions in this life determine the quality of their existence in the next.


yellowdog granny said...

hmmmm, acceptable karma??? walking into a church and having a life sized cross with Jesus nailed to it fall on their heads and kill them..them diety's stick together..

dom said...

Just thank God it was Mohummad they nicked ... world war III woulda been declared

Debbie said...

This story sounds familiar, only the buddha I took could fit in my purse.

dom said...

I've seen the size of your purses , you could fit a small family of Mexicans in one of them :)

yellowdog granny said...

yeah, i got their kin folks living out in my yard.where the grass is still 5 feet high

dom said...

Go mow down the fuckers down then !
OR pay them 33c /hour to mow it