Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Postman Pat hands out HRH's Invites

Two thousand kids have been invited to a special party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday.

A few of the lucky children will get their invites hand-delivered by kids' TV character Postman Pat.

The kids were picked in a lottery, and will join characters from literature like the BFG and Winnie the Pooh at the party on 25 June.

Although the Queen had her real 80th birthday on 21 April, she also gets an official birthday, on 17 June.

The Queen gets another birthday because it's thought the weather is more likely to be better in June, making outdoor parties that bit more fun.

Postman Pat will be travelling to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff and the Isle of Wight to hand out some of the invitations in posh purple envelopes.

The 2,000 kids will be accompanied by 1,000 lucky adults.


yellowdog granny said...

how cool is invitation musta got lost in the mail..

dom said...

Neat ain't it ..
JS you'd fucking freak if a 7ft tall postman cartoon walked up your street and handed you a invite ...
Anyway this is just for kids , not kids at heart , like you n me