Monday, May 22, 2006

Naked protest

Around 100 animal rights campaigners stripped naked in central London on Sunday to protest the use of traditional bearskin hats worn by military guards on ceremonial parade.

Wearing nothing but bear masks and carrying placards saying "Bears Slaughtered for the Queen's Guards -- Indefensible", the group gathered to call on the Queen and the Ministry of Defence to end use of the foot-high bear pelt hat known as a busby.

"The Ministry of Defence has blood on its hands while it allows bears to be slaughtered for ceremonial caps when beautiful synthetics are available", says PETA's Anita Singh.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said they were looking for alternatives to the Canadian bearskin used for the hats but that it was proving very difficult.

The ministry told the BBC three years ago that skins for the hats are a by-product of bear culls by the Canadian government.

Soldiers wearing the hats can be seen all year outside the Buckingham Palace, where the changing of the guard is a popular tourist attraction.

Wearing bearskins is thought to have been a tradition of some regiments since 1815 when the monarch granted the right to don the head gear in recognition of the defeat of Napoleon's bearskin-wearing Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo.


yellowdog granny said...

i agree sorta ..i like tradition and everything..but do we need to be killing those cute little things for them ugly hats? cant they be made synthetic? as a american i hate to make judgements about something so terrribly british..i figure i can make fun of blair and your football cause its so our bush and football ..ahha

dom said...

I think they are begining to , my Neices husband's in the guards , and I've worn a busby , they're surprisingly light , but bloody warm.
Those hippy animal rights people are hypocrites anyway , I bet they wear leather shoes or wooly sweaters ... tosspots should go get jobs instead of moaning about a few dead animals

Anonymous said...

lol Dom, I like it when you use the word tosspots! lol

The animals are getting their revenge through birdflu anyway.

dom said...

well let's hope those animal rights geeks catch it

yellowdog granny said...

tosspots...huh huh...