Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad paintjob day

Cameron Elliott is so angry at his £88,000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage's paint finish he's daubed complaints on it in orange, purple and green.

Cameron, 38, of Rochdale, drives it bearing slogans: "Like my car? I don't, it's crap, "Wish I'd bought a Porsche".

He wants a refund or a full respray, saying: "People think I'm mad, but the car was unsaleable." & "An official dog" and "Do you like my car? I don't".

A spokesman for Stratstones where he bought it , said it was company policy not to discuss individual customers' problems "because of data protection issues".

A spokesman for Aston Martin said: "We are aware of Mr Elliott's dissatisfaction with the paintwork repairs on his car.

"Aston Martin have offered several options, including repainting the car to his satisfaction, or assisting him in selling it through the dealership network.

"It is disappointing, therefore, that he felt the need to resort to this action."


yellowdog granny said...

he just wanted his 15 minutes of fame...

dom said...

Well he got it