Monday, July 31, 2006

Unruly drinkers may see Red

NZ - Unruly drinkers will be red-carded off the premises as bars blow the whistle on bad behaviour. At least eight bars in the lower North Island are using yellow and red cards to keep patrons in check.

Dan Keith, owner-operator of the Cambridge Hotel, Wellington, said the bar had been using the cards for about a month. Most drinkers viewed it as "a bit of fun", he said. "But you've got to pick your moment. Not everyone will react in the same way."

The cards outline the bar's obligations under the Sale of Liquor Act. The yellow one politely warns recipients "we feel that you might need to slow down".

The red card states: "It is now time for you to stop!" and signals that the drinker should leave. To counter any remonstrations a red-carded offender gets a free drink – the next time they visit.

Mr Keith said staff would hand out "a few yellows, not many" on the average Saturday night. He had not personally handed out any red cards.

Jason Deane, managing director of Trinity Group which owns bars throughout the lower North Island, said the scheme was gradually gaining momentum and would gain its "true value" once it became more widespread. Other bars had contacted him about the cards. He had got the idea from Hummingbird Cafe and Bar.


yellowdog granny said...

how many red cards do you have dom?

dom said...

Erm none yet Ha !