Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bertie brick

A brick used to smash an Oxfam charity shop window has gone on sale on eBay.

The description reads :

Hi There

My name is Bertie Brick, I need a new home and help you can help.

Recently I fell in with the wrong crowd and threw myself into a life of crime. I had a smashing time at the Oxfam Shop in Altrincham, (see pictures).

However, I can now see the error of my ways. Especially since my colleagues crashed out leaving me to take the fall. I wish to go 'straight' and build up my peaceful constructive credentials as just another brick in the wall.

Please help me to raise £600 to post bail and cover the damages. Please bid generously, all proceeds go to Oxfam to help help those less fortunate. Thanks for looking.

With just over a day to go bidding has reached £220.


yellowdog granny said...

smart idea....
man.i didnt know bricks could type

dom said...

The brick had to use TextTrust spell - checker