Sunday, July 30, 2006

Honourable Diploma for 86 yr old

Wyoming: George Allen says he’s not entirely certain of the circumstances leading up to his expulsion from high school in 1935 at age 16.

He suffered a concussion during a football scrimmage.
He knows he went to school the next three days, he said, but on the fourth day was called into the principal’s office at La Junta High School in Colorado and was expelled. “I don’t know what happened,” he said.

But better late than never: After 70 years, Allen has received his diploma under a programme for honourably discharged veterans.


yellowdog granny said...

back then it could have been something like being goofy to teachers and i bet he was pretty goofy...

dom said...

I could never goof off in school , my mum ( may she rest in peace) was a teacher at my school, if I did ever get caught , not only did I get punished at school , there was a slap waiting for me when I got home !

Anonymous said...

You needed it I'm sure..

Glad to see the old goat got his papers..