Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Thief nicks Grandpa

Zgorzelec: A thief who stole a brand new BMW when its owner jumped out to buy a bunch of flowers failed to spot his grandad on the back seat.

German Bernhard Massl, 34, left his grandad Falk, 80, guarding his new car while he went into a florist's in Zgorzelec, Poland. But when he returned, his car and his grandad were missing.

Falk, who was found a couple of miles away by police, said, "He didn't notice me at all until I asked him where he was taking me. He was really startled when he realised he was not alone and immediately pulled over to let me out."

The police are now looking for the stolen car and have put out a description of the thief.


yellowdog granny said...

now if that had been the english granny, she would have belted him with her purse and chased him out of the car...

dom said...

That's German grandpas for you :)