Thursday, July 27, 2006

World Santa Claus Congress

Some 180 Santas and little elves from around the world wound up their annual congress in Denmark with a parade at Bakken, the oldest theme park in the world.

Despite the sweltering heat - temperatures hit 34 degrees Celsius - the Santas from Europe, the United States and Japan have paraded through the Christmas-decorated park clad in their wintry red outfits.

"Mummy, tell me I'm not dreaming. Those are Santas!" exclaimed a wide-eyed four-year-old named Alexander, one of hundreds of children who turned out for the event.

Bakken, located just north of Copenhagen, has been decked out with, among other things, a giant Christmas tree with glitter-wrapped presents dangling from its branches.

One of the Santas who stood out is the visitor from the state of New York, who wore cowboy boots.

One little boy took advantage of the close encounter personally to give his favourite Father Christmas - the one from Greenland - his wish list.

"I've never seen him before ... It's nice to meet him in the flesh," five-year-old Jens said.

Greenland's Santa was a special guest at this year's conference, since he is recognised by his peers as "the real Santa".

With his long white beard and sealskin boots, he says he has attended the meeting "to see how my assistants were doing and encourage them and give them some good advice".

Congress spokeswoman Vibeke Larsen says for three days this week, the Santas met "to talk about the upcoming Christmas and questions they care about, and to have a good time too".

The Danish Father Christmas, the host of the event, says participants have taken several important decisions, including a ban on presents that were difficult to open "so as not to try children's patience".

The Santas have also issued a plea for more colourful Christmas trees this year, saying the plain green ones are too staid.


yellowdog granny said...

i would think that would freak those kids out...all those santas..

dom said...

we all know there's only ONE Santa