Monday, July 24, 2006

Blow up car buddy

He fits in a car's glove box, appears at a flick of a switch and when a woman has finished using him, she can just pull the plug and he deflates.

He's the Buddy on Demand, a blow-up man launched this week with the aim of making solo female motorists feel less nervous about driving at night.

According to research by the inflatable friend's creator, insurer Sheilas' Wheels, 82 per cent of women feel safer with someone sitting in the car beside them and nearly half don't like driving alone in the dark.

"We're not saying that an inflatable man is the only answer but we do hope it will give women extra confidence and make journeys in the dark less fearful," said Jacky Brown, the spokeswoman for Sheilas' Wheels.


yellowdog granny said...

in texas us women just tote a gun with us..

yellowdog granny said...

well..others gun toting days are over..i tote a baseball bat.

dom said...

Nice to see you've calmed down in your ways :)