Monday, July 24, 2006

Dutch biker nuns

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Two Dutch nuns, wearing habits and riding bikes, chased a suspected thief through Amsterdam, police said Monday.

On Saturday evening, one of the sisters believed she recognized a man walking past their chapel in southern Amsterdam as a thief who snatched hundreds of dollars in cash from the building two weeks earlier, Amsterdam police spokesman Rob van der Veen said.

She invited him inside for a drink and asked a fellow nun to alert police.

The man, apparently suspecting what was happening, fled the building and snatched a bicycle from a passer-by.

"The nuns then grabbed their bikes and gave chase. They tried to grab him, but he managed to escape into a residential neighborhood and they lost him," Van der Veen said. Police hunted for the man in the neighborhood but could not find him.


yellowdog granny said...

you dont tug on superman's cape, you dont spit into the wind..and you dont mess with nuns on bikes..

dom said...

Nuns are evil nutters ,don't mess with them ... this comes from a Catholic schoolkid